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The “Train” has left the station

The “Train” has left the station

Academy job coaches begin training on new Transitional Employment site at Tripletail Seafood & Spirits

We are full speed ahead with our newest Transitional Employment partnership at Tripletail Seafood & Spirits. Academy staff Patty Haltinner and Autumn Peterson have been out there this week, learning the ropes of the food prep position. They sure have been busy! Autumn and Patty explained that the job is diverse. They began by peeling and quartering potatoes, and then moved on to cutting vegetables for dinner salads. They also plated the salads, taking care to ensure that everything looks as good as it tastes. They made marinade for chicken and delicious honey butter for the crusty bread. They created labels to date and identify all of the product. It was an exciting day for both of them!

Patty remarked that the kitchen at Tripletail is set up much like our own at the Academy. This will provide for an easier transition for our members who work there. Both Autumn and Patty  mentioned that working with Chef Trea was a pleasure, and that his positive demeanor will put our members at ease. “He was patient, thorough, and a great communicator” Patty said.

Next week, interested Academy members will have the opportunity to take a tour of the restaurant, meet Chef Trea and the rest of the Tripletail staff and decide if they are interested in being considered for the position. Staff will then choose the first member to begin working there. It can be difficult to choose just one member, but because these are temporary positions lasting six-nine months, other interested members will eventually get their chance. Members are chosen, not by their level of industry experience, but by their participation at the Academy and the degree to which the job will positively impact their recovery.