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Our Board of Directors

"I am honored to be a part of such an amazing community that believes in the possibility of every person to reach their full potential. It is inspirational to see the staff and members sharing the daily responsibility of the workings of the Academy at Glengary and creating a culture of healing and acceptance."

Joan Geyer

"It truly is a privilege serving on the Board of the Academy.  Being in the building always brightens my day as I witness the shared respect of everyone working together to transform lives.  You can’t help but be profoundly changed by those experiences."

Andrea Jackson

"I am so proud to be associated with an organization whose mission is to help others achieve more meaningful lives through friendships, healthy lifestyles, skill development and career opportunities.  In the quest to help others find more meaning in their lives, I have found some of my own."

Steve Meier

"Members make true friends at the Academy while learning valuable skills that will help them excel.  I love the positive energy I feel whenever I walk in the door. Serving on the Board has been my privilege."

Shelly Crofut

"I am fortunate to be involved in the life changing mission of the Academy. I've witnessed the changes that take place as the members transition through recovery and find purpose in their lives through community and meaningful employment."

Don Osborne

Pat Robinson

Dr. Matthew Thomas