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Thank you for your interest in the Academy. The families of our members often play vital roles in the recovery process, and we encourage their input and support. Often, it is a family member who reaches out to us first, for information or to take a tour. This can set the stage for introducing your loved one to the Academy with a better understanding of our community and the services we provide. Everyone is always welcome to tour, with or without your prospective member.

Families played a vital role in the creation of the Academy in 2017. Currently, some family members serve on our Board of Directors and others serve as Academy Ambassadors. It’s not uncommon for family members to join their loved ones for holidays and special events at the Academy, or to just pop in for our daily lunch.

A Parental Perspective

Steve and Beth May share their experience and personal story as parents of a son who has benefited from participation at the Academy at Glengary. (7 minutes)

We tailor the enrollment and orientation process to each individual member. This may include phone conversations even before a potential member walks through our doors for a tour. It may involve planning the member’s first visit in specific ways to effectively welcome them and ease their anxiety.

For many of our members, their interest in the Academy is about finding greater purpose and direction in life. That being said, we know that families are an essential ingredient for recovery. We are here to help you find the balance that best serves your loved one. Our team is available to address your questions and concerns, and to connect you with other helpful resources.

About Academy Membership

  • Eligibility: Applicants living with a mental health diagnosis are invited to apply for membership. Please note that traumatic brain injury, developmental disabilities or autism spectrum are not considered eligible diagnoses. There are other specialized services for these conditions in our region.
  • Membership is voluntary. Each member decides how often and in what ways they want to be involved. Our staff role is to motivate and engage members in an array of training and social opportunities.
  • The Academy does not offer clinical or treatment services, nor is it intended to replace those services. Members are encouraged to continue with clinical and/or other community-based services as part of their recovery process.
  • The safety of Academy members, staff, volunteers, and guests is of utmost importance. We carefully review any legal or safety concerns of applicants and members on an individual basis.
  • There is no membership fee to attend the Academy. Families are invited to participate in our Giving Circle.

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Family Giving Circle

As a family-founded organization, we welcome the support and generosity of our families. Academy members and their families have the opportunity to donate and ensure the quality of our services and our long-term sustainability.

Ways to Give

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We welcome you to come take a tour of the Academy. See the teams in action and enjoy a healthy lunch prepared onsite. To better accommodate you, appointments are preferred.

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Sarasota Campus

1910 Glengary St.
Sarasota, FL 34231
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Bradenton Campus

601 12th Street West
Bradenton, FL 34205
(941) 929-2800

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