Financial Sustainability Training

Financial Sustainability Training

Colleagues Attend from Near and Far

By Thaddeus Haddad and Vanessa Alcantara

Vanessa Alcantara and I were given the opportunity to participate in the financial sustainability workshop with our following colleagues, Andy Houltberg with the Breakthrough Episcopal Services out of Kansas, Brett Buell with the Gainesville Opportunity Center in North Florida, Lauren Walker with Hope Clubhouse in South Florida, and Richard Lane with Alliance House in Utah. We were able to share the history, governance, current strategies, successes, and challenges related to our community’s financial sustainability.  According to the United Nations, sustainability is defined “as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Therefore, lasting Academy financial sustainability is a team effort involving members, staff, board members, ambassadors, families, community partners, and volunteers. Members and staff contribute through luncheons, telethons, Academy tours, and in-house produced marketing materials. The Board of Directors, Ambassadors, and family members partake in awareness building within their respective communities by sharing their Academy experiences and inviting guests for member tours, demonstrating our open-door policy.  Community partners and volunteers offer their time and expertise enriching the lives of members in any number of our 8 Dimensions of Wellness.       

We were honored to have the following guest speakers Joan Geyer, President of the Academy Board; Stewie Bitterman founding Academy Ambassador; Matt Sauer, Collaboration and Impact Officer of the Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation; Jeff Steinwachs CEO of the Steinwachs Family Foundation; Robyn Faucy Co-Founder of Results 1st; and Al and Polly Guiffrida Academy Family Ambassadors, who shared their roles and experience of nonprofit sustainability.  

We would like to share several quotes from participating colleagues:

I now feel significantly more empowered to guide sustainability initiatives at our Clubhouse. The training has given me a comprehensive understanding of sustainable funding practices and instilled confidence to start. Beyond just providing tools, the training immersed us in the creative process, demonstrating how to utilize these resources effectively. As a result, I not only possess the necessary tools but also the practical know-how to implement them, ensuring our sustainability efforts are both robust and impactful.

– Andy Houltberg, CEO of Breakthrough and Milestone Clubhouses (Episcopal Social Services), Kansas

The benefits of the Financial Stability Workshop by Academy at Glengary were twofold: first the Academy itself is truly amazing and inspiring!  Members are given the highest opportunity and training for future employment by the quality of programs delivered by the kind, very professional staff on state-of-the-art equipment (no hand-me-downs there!).

Secondly, the Workshop agenda was well planned, covering many areas of sustainability and friend/fundraising. William, his staff, guest speakers, and the attendees had informative discussions, offering a variety of perspectives and insights – without funding, there are no programs!  Even as a seasoned professional, I learned new insights, and would highly recommend the Academy at Glengary Sustainability Workshop!

– Richard Lane, Alliance House, Utah

This was an eye-opening experience for both Vanessa and me, revealing that financial sustainability is a collective effort and the responsibility does not solely rest with any one person or group. 

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