Our New “Different” Normal

Our New “Different” Normal

An Academy member offers his perspectives on Phase I reopening.

During the two months that the Academy building was closed, I was glad to have the opportunity to participate online. Between that, Spanish lessons, and chores around the house, I was able to stay very busy. However, seeing everyone on screen was just not the same as seeing them in person. Having been gone for those two months, I have a renewed appreciation of the purposeful day that the Academy provides for me.

In the first two days since reopening, I was able to update the user interface of the visitor software at the front desk, collaborate on a PowerPoint presentation, run the first morning meeting since reopening, and practice note-taking in our Academy meeting. It’s true that all of these assignments were available when we were exclusively online, but somehow I feel like I can delve into the work on a deeper level when we are collaborating together. I like the integration of working side-by-side.

The Academy’s response to the pandemic was innovative. While I’m so happy to be back in the building with members and staff, I am grateful to have access to both options, physical and virtual. I look forward to learning what our “new normal” will look like. One might think that the pandemic would have diminished our community, but in reality, the crisis allowed us to grow. – Ian Churchill

For information about our Phase I Guidelines, visit: https://www.academysrq.org/posts/events/academy-reopens-may-18-2020-with-phase-i-guidelines/

Caption: Pictured above are (left to right) Stephen Anderson, Philip Boyer, Idanes Paredes and Ian Churchill at a Business and Technology team meeting. Members who are participating virtually can be seen on the SmartBoard screen.

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