Adapting Services to COVID-19 Concerns

Adapting Services to COVID-19 Concerns

The Academy has suspended Monday-Friday vocational training while implementing alternative approaches to mental health recovery.

One of our biggest strengths has always been our sense of community. That is especially true during these challenging times. Our mutual care and concern for each other is the light that illuminates the road ahead. In observance of guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Academy has suspended our Monday-Friday work-ordered day services to members. Simultaneously, we are developing creative strategies to support our members, strengthen our community and help address needs.

The Academy will continue to emphasize SAFETY as our top priority. We realize that information is changing daily, so we are staying current on emerging issues. We have a responsibility to the larger community to do our part in reducing the spread of germs. CDC guidelines provide us with important recommendations for safe practices at home and in the community.

This outbreak has given us the opportunity to deepen our practice of several core values: partnership, service and wellness. As partners in the recovery process, we typically work side-by-side. Under current CDC guidelines, we decided to suspend this type of activity. We are implementing other ways to stay connected, through social media, phone calls, Slack (private instant messaging platform) and Zoom. We are of service to each other, while emphasizing health and wellness. Social distancing, which we prefer to call “physical” distancing, can affect mental health. We are currently sharing valuable coping strategies with members and staff.

More updates will follow! Academy staff meets daily at the Academy to review strategies, communicate with members, receive updates and keep facilities in tiptop shape. Stay tuned for additional information as we adapt services to emerging COVID-19 concerns.