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Easterseals Southwest Florida Impresses Academy Visitors

Easterseals Southwest Florida Impresses Academy Visitors

A visit to this organization for people with disabilities reveals shared goals and values

Patty Haltinner and William McKeever had an eye-opening experience on their June 30 tour of Easterseals Southwest Florida, where they tried out the virtual reality vocational training! This amazing aspect of their program is part of their expanded services and commitment to helping children, teenagers, and adults living with disabilities to lead productive lives.

Easterseals has a focus on employable skills, so it’s clear that our organizations share the values of education and training. The Academy refers applicants with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to Easterseals, so we were particularly interested in their Employment Services Program for adults with ASD.

We were impressed by the dedication and passion of their staff, as well as the happiness and positivity that their students and clients exude. With COVID restrictions loosening, we are grateful that our good friend Tom Waters, Easterseals CEO, could invite us for an in-person visit and offer such warm hospitality.

We have missed being able to see our fellow human services providers at work, so we look forward to more of these visits to community resources!


Pictured above, Patty Haltinner tries the Easterseals virtual reality vocational training with Tim Conway of Easterseals.