Update: Monday, October 3, 2022 The Academy at Glengary and Academy at Bradenton will re-open tomorrow, Tuesday, October 4, 2022. Please stay tuned to our website (http://www.AcademySRQ.org), Facebook, and Instagram for any further updates. Academy members can also check updates on the Slack app.
Gettel Automotive Kicks the Tires

Gettel Automotive Kicks the Tires

Managers from Gettel Automotive met with us to explore how we might partner with them in 2022.

Back in May, Gettel Automotive President, Mr. Jim Gettel, paid us a visit. The Gettel Foundation has service to the community running through their veins, and after seeing our program and meeting with our members, Mr. Gettel only had one question, “How can we support the Academy?”

Today, we may be closer to an answer. We met this morning with Fixed Operations Manager, Fred Bartholomew and four of his managers from several of their dealerships, to see if there might be employment opportunities for our members. The conversation centered on Gettel’s business needs, and where the Academy might fit in to meeting those needs. It turns out, there are several potential opportunities for us to explore.

We think that our culture is unique in the business world, so it’s thrilling when we meet likeminded professionals who share our focus on kindness and service. Our visitors checked the boxes! When we met after their member-led tour, they were all smiles. One noted how happy our members seem to be.  Another commented on how smoothly the teams run, with members taking ownership of the projects they’re working on. They really seemed to get us!

There’s still work to be done. Those who know us well know that we are slow and thoughtful in our approach to building relationships. When we commit to something, we take that commitment seriously. The next step will be for us to tour several of their dealerships and see some of the potential jobs in action. Before we move forward, we will make sure that we can meet their needs effectively. Beginnings are exciting, and we approach the new year with hopeful optimism.


Pictured above are (left to right) Diane Beimann, Fred Bartholomew, Lou DeLong, Charley Rahe, Wendy Hernandez and Academy member Aaron Collmer.