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Gettel Gets Us

Gettel Gets Us

The Gettel Foundation, drawn to our shared values, becomes our newest corporate sponsor.

Gettel Automotive is a household name in these parts, and well they should be. In operation for over 30 years, they are leaders in automotive sales with 17 dealerships spanning from Gainesville to Punta Gorda. But beyond their sales success, they walk the walk (or in their case, drive the drive) of true leaders. Their commitment to exceptional service goes well beyond the car lot and into the heart of their communities. The Gettel family of dealerships is serious about giving back.

We are honored to announced that Gettel Automotive Group has become our newest corporate sponsor. We would like to thank Chief Marketing Officer David Kelly and Public Relations Director Ellen Walther for spending the morning with us and learning more about the Academy. As they toured each of our teams – Culinary Arts, Business & Technology and Arts & Communications – it was clear that they “get us” by how engaged and inquisitive they were with members and staff. We share similar values of service, respect and quality. We look forward to deepening our collaboration with Gettel Automotive president, Mr. Jim Gettel, and his team in the coming years.

In the photo above, Academy member Ian Churchill and our director, William McKeever, receive the check from the Gettel Foundation. Their generous $10,000 donation will take us even farther down the road to success, as it will be matched 1:1 by the Toyota Corporation! Wow! Their commitment to partner with the Academy as a corporate sponsor will definitely help drive our mission forward!