Let it Grow

Let it Grow

It’s that time of year in Florida: planting season! This week, our good friend Steve Weinberger stopped by to drop off an array of gorgeous plants; three kinds of tomatoes (we can’t wait to see what Jelly Bean tomatoes taste like!), purple bell peppers, Napa cabbage, Russian red kale, zucchini, Jaune et verte squash and green beans.

Our garden is such an important part of our community. Not only does it provide us with the freshest possible vegetables for our wellness-inspired menus, it also serves as a rich source of work for our members. As the temperatures begin to cool off, tending to the soil, watering, weeding, and harvesting are popular job duties for those who like to work in the fresh air, getting their hands dirty. It’s great “community work” that lends itself to teamwork and camaraderie.

And oh; the things we will do with our bounty! There is scarcely anything more satisfying than a fresh garden salad with homegrown tomatoes still warm from the sun. Asian-inspired dishes will feature crisp ribbons of Napa cabbage, “power bowls” will be replete with tender kale and green beans, and thin planks of zucchini and squash will serve as our healthy slant on lasagna. Are you getting hungry?

The Academy garden is as beautiful as it is practical. We love watching as our little starters get sturdy and tall with the care that we provide. We strive for our community to be just like that; well-nurtured, growing strong and healthy, and displaying a multitude of beautiful and diverse colors and tastes.


Pictured are (left to right) Ben Burnside, Stephen Anderson Candy El-Azzaoui, Lisa Hillje and Steve Weinberger