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Sarasota Legislators Join Forces with the Academy

Sarasota Legislators Join Forces with the Academy

State Senator Joe Gruters and State Representative Margaret Good meet with the Academy to discuss Supported Employment opportunities

On Friday, January 18, 2019, State Senator Joe Gruters (Republican, District 23) and State Representative Margaret Good (Democrat, District 72) reached across the aisle and met with Academy leaders for a common cause: Ensuring Supported Employment opportunities for adults living with a mental health diagnosis.

Joan Geyer, Academy Board President, and William McKeever, Academy Director, were joined by family members Warren and Cecile Collmer. Together, they discussed the vital importance of vocational training, community integration and Supported Employment as means to a productive life for Academy members. The Department of Children and Families has earmarked "Strategic Priority" funding for 11 Florida Clubhouse programs for Fiscal Year 2019-2020. If approved, the Academy at Glengary would receive vital funding for Career Placement Services.

We would like to thank Senator Gruters and Representative Good for their efforts to improve the quality of life of Sarasota residents and of all Floridians. Lastly, we congratulate Representative Good on her reelection and Senator Gruters on his election as Chairman of the Florida Republican Party.