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Sarasota Memorial Health Care (SMH) System Visits for Lunch & Learn

Sarasota Memorial Health Care (SMH) System Visits for Lunch & Learn

SMH behavioral health takes our relationship to the next level.

We have always maintained that the Academy is just one piece of the recovery puzzle. We rely on our relationships with neighboring clinical providers, employment partners, residential facilities and more. SMH has long been a partner with the Academy for Transitional Employment. We felt that we could do even more in partnership. It’s crucial for there to be a solid “next step” for those who are leaving the hospital after a crisis. Among other resources, the Academy is a soft place to land for some. Our hope is to create an easy flow between the hospital and the Academy for appropriate referrals, reducing stress and facilitating the process.

Visitors included behavioral healthcare providers from Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Bayside Center for Behavioral Health and their Partial Hospitalization Program. Academy members Aaron Collmer and Chantel Gingerich provided the group with an informative tour of the Academy, after which they joined our community for a wonderful lunch, prepared and served expertly by our Culinary team.

We look forward to working with SMH to provide a fluid and cohesive transition between the hospital and the Academy, a productive, recovery-based environment. Our hope is that those who will benefit from our program are able to access it. As partners, we believe that the Academy and SMH can aid in lasting recovery.