The Art of Sushi

The Art of Sushi

Members were on a roll in culinary, creating interesting and delicious flavor combinations in maki rolls.

When members began their day in the culinary arts team recently, they weren’t sure what to expect. The daily entrée was sushi.  Member’s opinions were mixed. A few noses turned up in mock disgust.

“Sushi? Gross!” one member groaned.

Another member laughed, “I guess you should have attended menu planning!”

“Have an open mind,” our culinary instructor Ben Burnside encouraged.  “I bet I can change your mind.”

Member Neil Blake was excited, saying that he had never tried sushi, let alone attempted to make it. But he was definitely up for the challenge. He described the process, “you put the seaweed down on a bamboo mat and then press the sushi rice on it in an even layer. Then, you put your other ingredients on the rice. You use the mat to keep everything together when you roll it. The trick is not to put too much in the roll, or it will be hard to roll up tightly. That was the most challenging part.” Neil added that working with his culinary teammates was the best part of the experience.  There is always a great camaraderie in our kitchen, but often times it’s when we step out of our comfort zone that we have the most fun. It’s a bonding experience to try something new together.

All told, the team created three different maki rolls: tofu and cucumber, crab and avocado, and smoked salmon and cream cheese.  And, Ben was correct. He made sushi lovers out of even the pickiest of diners.


Pictured above, (left to right), Jerry Clancy and Neil Blake hone their sushi rolling skills.