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We’re (Even More)  Engaged!

We’re (Even More) Engaged!

As part of our participation in Clubhouse’s national network, we were provided a training on how to boost our social media visibility. Kion Sanders, Director of Digital Engagement and Marketing at Fountain House, spent a day and a half with us, showing us some best practices of posting on various social media platforms. We thought we were fairly savvy to begin with, but Kion opened new worlds for us, encouraging us to embrace Instagram and IG Live, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Kion provided us with a digital media calendar that we can use to forecast our posts well in advance and stay up to date with events. He helped us to shape our posts for the specific audience we reach, and to ask ourselves “in what way do we want this post to move our audience?” We discussed everything from the role of influencers and mental health allies to the timing of posts, content size, visual impact, and more.

Big thanks to Clubhouse International, Fountain House, and to Kion for giving us a jump start on our digital presence. It’s no secret that we love what we do here but getting the word out past our county line can be a challenge. A consistent, strong, positive message in the right ear could change a life.