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Carolyn Is On Her Way

Carolyn Is On Her Way

Carolyn Robinson worked for over three decades in the healthcare field. But when she joined the Academy at 72 years old, it had been almost as long since she had been in the workforce. Despite some opinions close to her that would tell her that she was too old, Carolyn was very clear upon becoming an Academy member: she wanted to work.

She proceeded to use the Academy to improve her abilities. From working on the front desk to data entry, she stepped out of her comfort zone, relearning skills that she had lost due to time and illness. Always smiling and ever determined, Carolyn did in fact land a job. A great job!

Carolyn provides administrative support for Children First, a Sarasota County non-profit that works to improve the quality of life of children and their families though education and wellness initiatives. Carolyn shared that she loves working for an agency that is in service to others. She also communicated that the training that she gets from Children First staff is clear, straightforward, and patient. Carolyn has the support of an Academy job coach as well, but she is well on her way to working on her own.

The Academy is fortunate to have such a strong employment partner, and we are grateful to Children First for this opportunity. It really is a win-win. Agencies such as Children First get high-quality part-time employees while transforming the lives of someone who might otherwise be sidelined with a persistent disability.