LIVE FROM THE ACADEMY: Please join us for our 2nd Annual live stream Telethon on Wednesday, August 26th from 7-8pm EST. Don't miss this exciting opportunity for a glimpse into the lives of Academy members! Click here for more info

2nd annual “Live From the Academy”
coming soon!

Program begins Wednesday, August 26 at 7:00pm EST!

The Academy is offering its 2nd annual live stream from our multimedia studio. This unique, one-hour experience will open a window into the lives of our members and the recovery process. To watch, you only need a computer with speakers!

Please revisit this page on Wednesday, August 26 to watch.

Our livestream will serve a dual purpose as a telethon. If you are inspired by our story, you’ll have the opportunity to donate. Thanks to the generosity of the Steinwachs Family Foundation, Telethon donations will receive a 1:1 match.