Movement Mondays

Movement Mondays

Adding 15 minutes of cardio to the top of our week is an exercise in stability.

Upbeat tunes were cranking on a breezy Monday morning as members gathered and took their lead from Grace “Gigi” Pomfred, our perennially cheerful volunteer. Members twisted and lunged, stretched, and rotated; their jacks were jumping, and their hearts were pumping!

The benefits of cardiovascular exercise are well-documented: improved mood, better focus, increased energy, and reduced stress levels. For those looking to drop a few pounds, build muscle or stabilize their core (vital to a healthy back), exercise is key. But a less obvious benefit of this type of group activity is the camaraderie that it affords us. In between pelvic twists and elbow-to-knee crunches, there was also some singing at the tops of our lungs, and a lot of laughter. We have always been proponents of exercising our funny bones, but the combination of laughter and exercise is especially good medicine. As a community that prioritizes wellness, it is only fitting that we add more movement to the mix.

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