Our Doors Are Open for Visitors

Our Doors Are Open for Visitors

Sarasota Herald-Tribune is the most recent Organization to tour the Academy and forge a new community partnership.

Among our very favorite things here at the Academy is the opportunity to give a tour. It’s sometimes hard to put into words what makes our program unique, and, as they say, a picture paints a thousand words. Academy members are well-versed at showing guests around and introducing them to the work that we do in our teams- Business & Technology, Arts & Communications, Multimedia, and Culinary. Taking a tour gives guests a firsthand view into how meaningful work contributes to the recovery process of our members who live with a mental illness.

If you have not yet visited us, or if it has been a while, we welcome the opportunity to show you around. We have rigorous COVID-19 protocols for all members, staff, and visitors. Please call to schedule in advance so that we can have the perfect tour guide ready and waiting. That said, walk-ins are always welcome.

This past week, Sarasota Herald-Tribune’s Senior Regional Director Mark Busby and Automotive Marketing Consultant Edit Szegedi visited and came away impressed by our members. Candy El-Azzaoui provided a thorough tour and confidently answered their questions. Mark and Edit stayed for lunch, and saw the Culinary team in action, enjoying world-class service and a healthy and delicious meal. For our part, we loved hosting them and seeing their enthusiasm for our mission. We feel certain that a partnership was formed. Sometimes strangers are just friends waiting to happen.

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