The Moments Between

The Moments Between

Members and staff find balance between work and leisure.

If one only followed the Academy through our social media, it might be easy to assume that we are all work and no play. And while we do tend to be a hard-working crew, we also know to have a good time. We’re not talking about weekend socials or movie and game nights, though we do have good fun at those as well. We’re referring to the refrain  of laughter when two members share a funny story at the front desk, a moment at lunch when the whole dining room is having one big conversation (and more laughter ensues as we mishear each other from across the room), or when comfort is found in an empathic connection that surprises us.

Work is the vehicle that carries members from strangers to colleagues to friends. The work is dynamic, it is essential to our operation. But the outcome is more than a successful luncheon, it is bigger than the projects completed or the deadlines met. The beauty of what we do is often found in quiet moments when it is just us; when we “take five” and appreciate each other, not for what we can do or produce, but simply for who we are.

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