UPDATE – Thursday, Sept. 29, 2022: The Academy at Glengary and the Academy at Bradenton will be closed on Friday, September 30, 2022. We plan to re-open Monday, October 3, 2022. Stay tuned for any new updates that will be posted on our website, Facebook, and Instagram. Academy members also can check for updates on the Slack app.
2021 New Year Resolutions

2021 New Year Resolutions

Academy members and staff reflect on the New Year

As we look back on 2020, with a deep level of appreciation for the journey traveled and renewed hope for the new year ahead, we realize just how challenging this year has been. Amid all the ups and downs, we have grown closer as a community, united in our shared journey to wellness. We end the year with eight consecutive months of successful onsite services to members, with no limitation in programs or hours. We have so much to be thankful for.

In typical fashion, we begin the New Year by reflecting on our lives and setting goals for the future. Here are some of our New Year resolutions:

“Donate money to the homeless.” – Raheem Vassell • “Read more, spend time with nephews and learn as much as possible to be a great teacher.” – Terrell Henry • “Get healthier and lose weight.” – Dariel Paredes • “Continue my three-day per week Academy schedule.” – Kevin Luckner • “Maintain good health by practicing self-care.” – Jeff Jean • “Lose 10 pounds.” – Matt Thomas • “Volunteer more with the Florida Eagle Watch program.” – Joanne Campbell • “Act as if each day is the last day of my life.” – Lisa Hillje • “Reach a healthy weight for my physical wellness.” – Jerry Clancy • “Cultivate gratitude and count my blessings each day.” – William McKeever • “Spend more time with family and graduate from college.” – Vanessa Alcantara • “Lose weight.” – Torre-Anna Blakney • “Read a new book each month.” – Patty Haltinner • “Achieve a higher belt in Karate.” – Ben Burnside • “Be kind to animals.” – Anonymous • “Save more money.” – Aaron Collmer

We wish everyone a safe, healthy and bright 2021!