Update: Monday, October 3, 2022 The Academy at Glengary and Academy at Bradenton will re-open tomorrow, Tuesday, October 4, 2022. Please stay tuned to our website (http://www.AcademySRQ.org), Facebook, and Instagram for any further updates. Academy members can also check updates on the Slack app.
A Day at The Academy

A Day at The Academy

Tampa colleagues from ACTS spent time soaking up the culture at the Academy in their initiative to bring the Clubhouse movement to Tampa.

Not so long ago, we were the new kids on the Clubhouse block, garnering wisdom from our network of Clubhouses around the world. We are humbled to now be sought for inspiration and advice by our Tampa colleagues at ACTFL.org. Our guests, Cindy Grant, Ashley Juno, Chris Riviere and Janice Zengotita are part of developing a yet-unnamed Clubhouse in North Tampa, slated for opening in the summer of 2022.

We sure do love company! We welcomed the guests into our teams, working side-by-side with them throughout the morning. They were full of great questions, and our members and staff were more than happy to share what we’ve learned in the last four years. We took the opportunity to introduce them to the COO of Clubhouse International, Jack Yatsko (via Zoom). Jack shared his considerable knowledge on development strategies, training opportunities, and the accreditation process.

After mingling in our community and enjoying a delicious lunch with us, they shared their impression of their experience. Cindy told us, “I have a much better understanding of the Clubhouse model and the ways in which this program will benefit our community! The thing that stood out to me is the culture of positivity. I know that with your guidance, the Tampa Clubhouse will be able to experience the same success in positive development of its members!”

And Ashley said, “I enjoyed the tour immensely, and the time in the teams, learning about the experiences that the members have daily. Special thanks to the Culinary team for making such a delicious lunch – I hope the Clubhouse that opens in Tampa can be as positive and successful as the environment that is created at the Academy!”

For our part, we enjoyed their visit as much as they did. We know that it won’t be long until we are coming to them for great ideas. With their positive attitudes and their thirst for learning, we can’t wait to see what ACTS will do in the Tampa Bay area.