UPDATE – Thursday, Sept. 29, 2022: The Academy at Glengary and the Academy at Bradenton will be closed on Friday, September 30, 2022. We plan to re-open Monday, October 3, 2022. Stay tuned for any new updates that will be posted on our website, Facebook, and Instagram. Academy members also can check for updates on the Slack app.
Commissioner Nikki Fried Takes a Seat at Our Table

Commissioner Nikki Fried Takes a Seat at Our Table

The Commissioner’s visit serves to deepen her understanding of our recovery model.

One might not know that the Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services also oversees Florida’s non-profits. We were visited by Commissioner Fried this week as she seeks to gain insight into what we do here at the Academy. Member Candy El-Azzaoui gave Ms. Fried and her colleague John Stewart a tour, stopping in each team so that they could ask questions and get to know our members. They both seemed engaged and interested, spending several unhurried hours with us.

Our guests joined us for an impeccable lunch. Pecan encrusted salmon, roasted broccoli and quinoa was served with first-class service by our members. If there was ever any question that Academy members are stiff competition in the workforce, we feel sure that we put that to rest.

As one of Sarasota’s newer non-profits, we are fortunate to be part of the landscape in which funding decisions could be made for mental health services and, specifically, the Clubhouse model. We are grateful for their time, and we hope to have made a lasting impact.


Pictured above are (left to right) William McKeever, Joan Geyer, Nikki Fried and Candy El-Azzaoui.