Update: Monday, October 3, 2022 The Academy at Glengary and Academy at Bradenton will re-open tomorrow, Tuesday, October 4, 2022. Please stay tuned to our website (http://www.AcademySRQ.org), Facebook, and Instagram for any further updates. Academy members can also check updates on the Slack app.
Connecting with Michigan

Connecting with Michigan

The Academy Meets with Legacy Clubhouse in Flint, Michigan

As Clubhouses all over the world adjust to life with COVID -19, the Academy at Glengary had the opportunity to share our experience reopening with a hybrid work-ordered day. Corey Walker, the Director of Legacy Center Clubhouse in Flint, Michigan, joined us for a day at the Academy on June 11th.

After tuning in to the morning meeting and the Business and Tech meeting via Zoom, Corey met with member Ian Churchill and staff Jeff Jean to learn all about Slack. Slack is a communication platform designed for the workplace. The Academy actively uses Slack to share updates, post info for Zoom calls, and generally stay conected. Ian and Jeff presented on how and why to use this multifaceted platform.

Legacy Clubhouse plans to make several tech purchases to expand their outreach to stay-at-home members. Thanks to the generosity of the Steinwachs Family Foundation, the Academy is fortunate to have top-notch equipment like SMART Boards integrated into our programs. This allows us to engage with members virtually and on-site and to share important tech skills.

“Our state liaison asked if we could include more technology in the Clubhouse for members with physical disabilities or people who live far away,” Corey said. “It opens up more doors.”

Legacy clubhouse is a part of a statewide coalition of Clubhouses in Michigan, which represents about 12 percent of Clubhouses world-wide.

“I think the benefit of this is to be able to collaborate and share not just with Legacy but with potentially 40 other Clubhouses,” Jeff said. Mosaic Clubhouse in London spoke with the Academy last week to hear about our tech operations as well. We will continue to collaborate with our Clubhouse colleagues during these unprecedented times.