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Our Garden Enhances Our Healthy Lifestyle

Our Garden Enhances Our Healthy Lifestyle

We talk a lot about wellness here, and we believe in putting our honey where our mouth is. That is, the locally-sourced honey that goes into some of our decadent desserts (thanks to Academy member and beekeeper Sherdil Abid). Wellness, we know, has many moving parts, and eating for optimum health is just one way to help mitigate some symptoms of both physical and mental illness.  

If you attended our most recent Ambassador Luncheon, you might have noticed that the buffet line read like the menu at Canyon Ranch Spa. Our lineup of superfoods included the protein-packed whole grains in a quinoa, beet and pistachio salad, perfectly roasted vegetables, sustainably-caught wild fish with fennel and homegrown organic tomatoes, and a savory Lentil Wellington. Prime rib was also served because, well, we are all about balance.  Our desserts utilized oats, fresh fruit, dark chocolate, seeds and yes, that honey. 

Our garden is indicative of how we live. The more care and tending-to, the more we flourish. And doesn’t a tomato just taste better when you planted it and watched it grow? We think so. And our guests seem to agree. More than one diner was overheard commenting on how satisfying a meal it was without that feeling of having over-indulged. 

This way of eating is not limited to our events. This is part of our healthy lifestyle at the Academy. Back in the day, we might have sold sugary sodas and greasy chips in Theo’s Café. Now we offer sparkling waters, fresh fruit and house made energy bars. Our pricing ensures that everybody gets to enjoy our healthy fare, no matter their circumstance. And it is paying off! Members are reporting weight loss, increased energy and a newfound interest in healthy cooking and nutrition.  A great meal shouldn’t leave you sluggish and bloated. At the Academy, simple whole ingredients become extraordinary when made with care and finesse.  We like to think of it as an innocent pleasure!