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Visit of Hope

Visit of Hope

Hope Clubhouse visits the Academy for an afternoon of shared inspiration.

We love it when family is in town! So, we were in high spirits yesterday when we were visited by Hope Clubhouse director Erin Broussard and culinary unit staff Ruth Cohen.  While Hope Clubhouse has been in operation since 2007 (I guess you could call them our big sister), Erin and Ruth are both new to Hope Clubhouse, and they stopped by to take in the perspective of another like-minded Clubhouse community.

While on their tour of the Academy, our members and staff shared some of our best practices with them. With Chef Ruth in tow, they spent a good deal of time exploring our culinary team, both front and back of house. For their part, they inspired us with the details of their horticulture team, and delighted us with a bounty of fresh greens and fruit from their bourgeoning “garden of hope.”  Their gift made it promptly onto the lunch menu, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Hope Clubhouse has a membership of over 200 members annually. They have a robust supported employment unit, and also provide housing, education, and wellness support to its members. Like the Academy, their values support the potential of all individuals to lead a satisfying and meaningful life, including becoming employed. We are proud to be affiliated with them under the umbrella of Clubhouse International, and moreover, to share mutual respect as programs that deeply value a culture of optimism and limitless potential.


Pictured left to right are Ruth Cohen, William McKeever, Erin Broussard, Ben Burnside, Mark Doren, Kevin Geyer, Ian Churchill and Patty Haltinner